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IELTS Listening preparation materials, free online resources to help test takers familiarize IELTS listening test structure and skill, including lots of exercises.
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Introduce how to make and download personalized IELTS vocabulary PDF files from various IELTS word lists of this web site.
100 Basic Words in IELTS Speaking Test
100 basic words for IELTS speaking test, important words in the IELTS speaking vocabulary are marked by star, including pronunciation, definition, and examples.
5000 TOEFL Vocabulary List
This TOEFL vocabulary list is for test takers to skim 5000 words in fast way. It isn’t only a proven vocabulary list, but is also combined with modern information technology to improve study efficiency fundamentally. It is designed to review TOEFL vocabulary as fast as possible, not focus on learning new words. At first, only words are shown and no definitions. Each word appends a Look Up button. If you want to see definition, click the button, the word’s definition will be displayed in place. This TOEFL vocabulary list is particularly useful when test day is very closing and you are planning to review TOEFL vocabulary in a very narrow time frame. In such scenario, this simple and convenient tool will help you finish prepare job in fast paces.
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pariah  Speak
sudden outburst of emotion or action; sudden attack, recurrence, or intensification of a disease
social outcast; person who is rejected from society or home
people who take part in
work or performance that imitates another work or performance with ridicule or irony; make fun of
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v. Syn. delay; postpone
delay till later; put off; hold back to a later time

Spelling Word: defer
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stricken  Read
a. removed or rubbed out; disabled or incapacitated by something; struck by something

Unless, that is, you believe that when someone makes a public comment on a media website, that is something that is voluntarily done and should not be stricken from the record - except when what is at stake is a matter of life and death.

Added on 2017-08-22
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circumscribed: a. enclosed in or subject to limits
buoyant: a. light; able to float; not sinking
subsidize: v. to aid or promote a private enterprise with public money (e.g. government grants)
ramshackle: a. in disrepair or disorder; poorly maintained; lacking upkeep, usually of buildings or vehicles
abate: v. reduce in amount or intensity; to put an end to
yardage: n. measurement or amount in yards; use or convenience of a yard or inclosure, as in receiving, lading, or unlading cattle, etc., from railroad-cars