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 ECPE Vocabulary List and Questions
At first, this app is a tutorial to help you build a set of 1200 ECPE words in a month. Its core content is a middle level vocabulary which is divided into 30 units. Supposed that you can study one unit per day, it means that you will finish the whole course in 30 days. This is so-called 1200 ECPE Words in 30 Days. Of course the schedule is just a recommended one. You can spend whatever calendar days for each unit, though we strongly suggest completing the whole content in one to two months.

Secondly, this app is an ECPE practice tool. In general, tutorial only shows you materials and information, for example, word list with definitions and examples. This app provides more than normal word list. It includes a smart quiz sheet producer that can make word quiz automatically based on your actual progress. It means you have endless word quizzes to practice until you pass each word. The quiz, single choice from multiple options, is a sort of word and definition matching exercise. It is only presented for new words and failed words, and auto check just after your submitting. You can get your test result immediately. This is a very efficient ECPE practice tool, free and online.

Last but not least, this app is a study manager, acts like an experienced and patient tutor. It can record all activities you did, such as when you work for a certain unit, how many words you have passed. Based on these data, it makes customized practice sheets for you to ensure you don’t waste time and effort on known words.

1200 ECPE words in 30 days or a month seems too short for many students. However, as we said before you actually can plan 2 months or even more to the course. If you are hardworking guy and determine to improve ECPE vocabulary, this fantastic app will push you forward and get your goal finally.