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 SAT Word List and Questions
This app includes a must-have SAT word list to that will help most students to improve vocabulary level. For smart and hardworking guys, if you have one month to prepare SAT vocabulary, don’t miss this great online tool. Its proven SAT word list and questions based on the list will push your study and progress with scientific algorithm and flexible schedule.

This app has many advantages. Let’s view some important ones. At first, 1200 SAT word list is selected for common students. In other words, they are must-have word list for SAT test takers even who just want to have a basic score for admission of community college. So the app can help lots of common students. All words are grouped in 30 units; one unit is defined as one day's job. If you follow the road map of 30 days and finish all SAT word questions with hardworking, your vocabulary level will have an obvious up. Then, this app makes word questions to exercise for the whole vocabulary. Word questions are in unique format: single choice with multiple options, very plain and easy to understand. Because the question sheets are created by students’ current level and progress dynamically, students usually cannot see same question sheet when exercise. Finally, all activities' results, e.g., the passed words’ number and date per each unit, are saved to further analyze. These activities data are very crucial resource to produce word question sheet automatically and smartly.

You may notice that there is another SAT word building app with similar name: SAT Vocabulary in 10 Days. They are similar in names, but contents are different obviously. The key difference is that you have to begin with Day 1; and then follow the app day by day in SAT Vocabulary in 10 Days. However, 1200 SAT Word in 30 Days has much more flexibility. You can start from any unit, and also can study multiple units and try their word questions concurrently. In the view of word list difficulty, 1200 SAT Word in 30 Days is relatively simple and is accepted by wider SAT test takers.

This app basically is driven by your answers of SAT word questions, so all study data, such as exercised words and passed words, should be saved for future reference. Thus sign in is necessary to before try any SAT word question. If don’t sign in, the app cannot work normally because no existing data can be shared and new data cannot be saved. In this case, the app's main page shows demo SAT question sheets, you may practice on it, but cannot save any result. Although demo status blocks real exercise for word questions, you can learn the whole SAT word list in demo status. It helps to decide if this app is deserved to study.