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Eleventh Grade ACT Test Coming Up
ACT is a nation-wide college admissions test to evaluate academic ability. It's a common option for parents and tutors to identify academic strengths and potential growth. Half of 12th grade students used to take part in the test. Now the thing has new change: all 11th grade students at North Branch Area Public Schools will take the ACT test.
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24 Arizona students get perfect ACT score
A 16-year-old, Ruth Oliver, student earned a perfect score on ACT test, just 1/1000 students have chance to achieve it. In Arizona, 24 high-school seniors out of 36,285 to receive the score of 36 this academic year.
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Bozeman High again among best on ACT test
Bozeman High students posted an average composite score of 22.2 in recent ACT test, which was down slightly from 22.8 one year before. But it was still the best average score among large high schools.
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Montana Public High School Juniors Take Free ACT
Nearly 10,500 Montana students take the ACT test for free April. This is the fourth year of the free test, which is part of the Graduation Matters Montana program.
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Detroit 13-year-old achieves perfect ACT test score
A thirteen-year-old student Alan Zhang, from the West Hills Middle School, West Bloomfield, Mich., can brag about what some high school students can only dream of achieving: a perfect 36 ACT score.
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