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 PTE Exam - How to Prepare Vocabulary
If you are preparing to PTE exam, especially in vocabulary building, this web site is right place for you. We understand our visitors are in various levels, by different schedules, and with separate demands. So we offer a hub of resources to PTE exam takers, not only a single word list or solution.

To prepare PTE isn’t easy for many students. It’s a long journey to go if you want to get a good score. As all English exams, vocabulary building is the critical job in preparation. We offer apps, word lists, and tips to address it, and try to let PTE exam prepare easier and faster.

At first, let’s focus on the apps, which are designed to speed up PTE test prepare, and proven by thousands of users.

PTE Test for Vocabulary: It’s a random test to check if your vocabulary level is met with PTE criteria. This online app prompts multiple options for word match practice, is an excellent question/exercise tool to evaluate your PTE preparing.

PTE Vocabulary in 10 Days: It can help you learn 1200 PTE exam words in 10 days. Of course, this app is only for people who are smart enough, hardworking enough, and whose schedules are very narrow. In most cases 10 days are too short for new 1200 words.

1200 PTE Words in 30 Days: It is very popular app to prepare PTE exam vocabulary. In general, high score hunters think 1 month is a reasonable time frame to wrap up words before test day. This strategy works and saves lots of time.

Secondly, 3 word lists are here for students to prepare PTE exam. Each word in these lists is audio available.

Vocabulary for PTE Speaking: This is a relatively short list, only 500+. Actually these words are also important for writing. You should be able to speak and write them, not just know them, if you are working for a good score in future test.

PTE Academic Vocabulary: This is a 2000+ basic level list of PTE academic exam. You must-have this list in PTE preparation.

PTE Word List for Academic: It has larger vocabulary, 2500+, and it ready for serious PTE exam takers. To help ESL students, this list offers definitions of 20 languages, include Chinese, Russia, etc.

Finally, in PTE tips and experiences, we collect resources and information to help visitors go further and faster.

PTE Spelling Practice: A hub of resources to exercise PTE spelling.

Make customized Flashcards: Do you want to print own flashcards when your PTE exam preparing? The tip tells how you do it.

PTE Word Exercise: Lots of word selecting exercises.

Make PTE Vocabulary PDF on Demand: Some people like own PTE word lists in PDF, and ready to print, this article tell you how to do it. It’s a free way to get own PDF when preparing PTE exam.

We assume you know PTE very well. If not, following is a brief to introduce what the PTE exact is. Hopefully, it will help you to get the big picture of PTE exam.

PTE, the Pearson Test of English, has 2 forms: PTE Academic and PTE General.

PTE Academic is to assess the level of non-native English speakers for college program in English countries. PTE Academic is an option for education and other organizations for a more accurate way of testing students who enter the English-speaking academia world.

PTE General, formerly known as the London Tests of English, is an exams for speakers of EFL (English as a foreign language) or ESL (English as second language).

PTE Academic is leading computer-based test of English test world. It is for study abroad and immigration. Test takers are supposed to prepare for life abroad. The test will focus on your ability to listen to lectures and respond to questions in real campus life, or simply speaking, academic English.

PTE test is convenient and fast. You may be able to book a test, take your test, and get its result to send to universities in 7 days. How do you do it? At first, schedule your test up to 24 hours in advance, then have a single three-hour test session, and finally get your results within five business days to send.

The computer-based test is available almost every day around a year across test centres in over 200 locations worldwide.

The test centres will send your scores by your request, as many institutions as you choose. You don’t need choose receivers before test and don’t need pay extra fee to send score reports. Who accept PTE Academic score? It’s a long list. The UK and Australian Governments accept it for visa applications; and thousands of universities and colleges accept it for admission, including Harvard and Yale.

PTE Academic test includes listening, reading, speaking and writing. All parts are in a 3 hour session and through computer and headset.

The test consists of three main parts; (1)speaking and writing, (2) listening, (3) reading. The test is designed for academic English and its contents are selected from real-life, especially campus life, such as excerpts of lectures and graphs and charts of multiple topics. In listening materials, you will hear various accents, from British to non-native speakers.


PART 1: SPEAKING & WRITING (77 – 93 minutes)
• Read aloud
• Repeat sentence
• Describe image
• Re-tell lecture
• Answer short question
• Summarize written text (one sentence)
• Summarize written text (paragraph)
• Essay (20mins)

PART 2: READING (32 – 41 minutes)
• Multiple choice questions
• Re-order paragraphs
• Fill in the blanks

BREAK 10 minutes (10 minutes break)

PART 3: LISTENING (45 – 57 minutes)
• Summarize spoken text
• Multiple choice
• Fill the blanks
• Highlight the correct summary
• Select missing word
• Highlight incorrect words
• Write from dictation

More information is in its official website. PTE Test