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 TOEIC Exam - How to Prepare Vocabulary
TOEIC exam is one of the most popular English skill tests for non-academic or general test takers. Its vocabulary level is lower than ones for academic students, such as TOEFL and IELTS Academic. However almost all examines need to prepare if you don’t want to fail and re-write again. So do the TOEIC exam.

As a matter of fact, TOEIC is never an easy test for non-English speakers. It is used to evaluate non-English speakers’ English skill to live and work in English countries. This test covers all aspects of language capacity: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Of course, for individual test, the contents may vary with register, for example, just involve with two parts: reading and listening.

No matter how many parts is in your test, prepare TOEIC includes lots of jobs. Building TOEIC vocabulary is one of them; and it is the heaviest job for many people. Basically vocabulary is the foundation of all language skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking, no exception. You cannot have a good score if you only own a poor TOEIC vocabulary. On the other hand vocabulary is a common weakness for non-English speakers, because English words are foreign words for them and don’t have chance to use them beyond classroom. This is why building vocabulary is usually the challengeable job in preparing TOEIC exam.

The TOEIC organizer doesn’t provide a formal word list for test taker and none can give a word list and ensure it covers all words in TOEC test papers. What is the TOEIC vocabulary? The answer should be words that are probably used in TOEIC test. For different people who have separate circumstances, the vocabulary may have different size and difficult level. However, two common points of them are to root from TOEIC exam materials and serve for TOEIC test takers.

At this web site we collect 4 TOEIC vocabularies to meet with test takers of various goals: some are simple and easy to help to pass by chance; some are serious to assist to shoot a high score. These vocabularies are core to prepare TOEIC exam, which provides test takers both goal and content. In fact, these vocabularies aren’t just word lists; they also provide practices, such as spelling, and methods, such as flashcard.

Besides TOEIC word lists, we include some apps, tips, and experiences related to TOEIC there. All materials concentrate on one purpose: help test takers to prepare TOEIC vocabulary with efficient way. We organize all materials into 3 sections: app, list, and tip/experience.

In app section, 2 apps help test takers study built-in vocabulary. They are both fantastic online vocabulary building tools and developed for high score hunters.

TOEIC Vocabulary Test Online: A handy and powerful online tool. It has been built in 1000+ very common TOEIC words. Running under intelligent algorithm it produces test sheet to evaluate your TOEIC vocabulary skill and progress. It is also an online tool to review and familiarize TOEIC words by repeated tests.

1200 TOEIC Words in 30 Days: This app includes 1200 TOEIC words and organizes them into 30 units. It will manage your progress and push you finish all the words in 30 days. If you plan increase 1000 TOEIC words in one month, don’t miss this wonderful tool.

If you try to enrich TOEIC vocabulary, you have to get a right word list as first step. Different test taker needs different word list. A right word list means to match your level, goal, and time frame. Its words are useful and helpful in your future TOEIC exam. Here we offer 4 word lists and hope you can get your right one from them.

3000 TOEIC Vocabulary: This is a full and difficult TOEIC vocabulary of 3000 words, to help self-study or self-taught test takers build words with definitions of 20 languages. This list is for high score hunters, or at least already finished basic list. If you plan 100 days to build vocabulary and are seriously preparing the TOEIC exam, this word list is a good choice to work with.

1000 TOEIC Words in Sample: 1000 TOEIC words are selected from sample test papers or examples of TOEIC organization’s publications. So this list is a good reference to evaluate TOEIC vocabulary skill objectively. But you should know this only represents average level. If you are working for good mark, you should get a hard list instead.

TOEIC Reading Vocabulary: It includes 800 words that are selected for TOEIC reading test exclusively. This list is a middle difficult reading word list for high score hunters. If you are confident for basic and common TOEIC vocabulary and are planning to increase reading words to have a good score in exam, this list a option for you. Besides, this list offers bilingual explanations with 20 non-English languages, it helps very much for non-English speakers.

1200 Basic TOEIC Words: One of the simplest TOEIC word lists, which is one of the most popular lists too, short, useful, and met with test style. As all other lists, this list supports additional features, such as spelling, single choice quiz, and flashcard. Definitions of the list are from well-known English dictionary website

The third section is for tips and experiences. It’s a hub of articles that TOEIC test takers may be interested in. In general, we try to focus on vocabulary building alone; but a few other topics related to TOEIC exam are included too if we feel they are useful or helpful in TOEIC preparation.

Spelling of TOEIC Writing Words: In TOEIC exam, you don’t need write too much except writing test. But if you have to take writing test, you must practice spelling to ensure your idea can be expressed in correct words. Basically, we offer spelling practice for all 4 TOEIC word lists of this website. Among them the best candidate is 1000 TOEIC Words in Sample. Its words are relatively simple and easy to use writing test. If you are working for a higher score, you may challenge harder word list.

TOEIC vocabulary Single Choice Question: Single choice question is a straight vocabulary practice style, it is also called word-definition match. At this web site we offer dynamic exercises for words in unique format: single choice from 4 options. It is a flexible online resource to let you study and review TOEIC word by interactive way.

Make TOEIC Vocabulary PDF: If you cannot find out TOEIC vocabulary PDF file to exactly match with your requirement, don’t worry about it. Many people have similar experiences when looking for PDF materials. Here we show you how to make customized vocabulary PDF by online resources. Make own PDF file and then download it. The things are very simple.

TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is an English language test to measure the everyday English skills for working in an international environment. Now this exam has 2 forms: The TOEIC Listening & Reading Test is a two-hour multiple-choice test consisting of 200 questions divided into listening and reading comprehension; the newer TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test tests pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, fluency, and sentence structure.

More information is in its official website. TOEIC Test