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 IELTS Word List and Questions
This app is built-in an essential IELTS word list that is for both academic and general tests. In most cases this a must-have list if you want to get a decent mark in test. So we strongly suggest you to start IELTS words building from the vocabulary. Of course, 1200 words in 30 days or a month seems too short for many students. However, if you are hardworking guy, and if you have one month to prepare IELTS words, try this magic tool that will push you forward and get the goal finally.

Tens of thousands users have separate reasons to choose this app. We may share main points with you. At first, it has a proven IELTS word list that is selected for most common students. Even if test takers just want to get a passed mark for admission of community college, like mark 5, these words are definitely deserved to spend time to master, because they are indeed high frequent in IELTS test papers. This app has integrated modern education concept and information technology. It will push your studying with scientific algorithm and flexible schedule. We said this is a course of 30 days. Actually, all words are grouped in 30 units; one unit is defined as one day's job. If you are smart and hardworking enough, you can go with the original plan and finish all contents in 30 days. After one month’s working, your IELTS vocabulary level will advance obviously. This app offers huge and dynamic practice chances to support interactive studying. It makes question sheet for each word. We call them IELTS word question sheet, which is in straight format: single choice with multiple options. This question sheet is produced by individual student’s level and progress just before showing, so no duplicated questions in your practices. Last but not least, the app records your activities of study and review, such as the passed words and last date of each unit; these activities data play an important role to create customized IELTS word question sheet.

We offer another app in this website that has similar name: IELTS Vocabulary in 10 Days. However, contents and purpose are absolutely different. IELTS Vocabulary in 10 Days is as mentor to guide you work day by day. You have to start from Day 1; and then follow assignments of other days. This app has much more flexibility. Basically, it consists of 30 units. You can pick up anyone to study, or even study multiple units in parallel. Besides, words in this app are more basic and simple.

The core method to study in this app is by IELTS word question. It creates question for each word just in time; and the answers of question sheets drive your study procedure. This is why we have to save your study and review results. So please sign in at first. If don’t sign in, the app's main page shows demo IELTS question sheets, you may practice on it, but cannot save any result. This website is free resource. If you don’t have account yet, we encourage you create one immediately. Just a few minutes, you can enjoy all features of this fantastic tool by Sign In.