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 TOEFL Word List and Online Practice
As we know, TOEFL vocabulary level is an essential asset to have a good score in test. As EFL (English as a Foreign Language), TOEFL test takers must spend lots of time to build vocabulary. Some used to take traditional courses of words study as well as some begin to look for internet resources to practice online. More and more people prefer to practice online because more and more options are available online. If you search TOEFL vocabulary app by google, there are so many online apps returned. Test takers should get a right one to work with, since they are so different that improper app will definitely waste your time and even ruin your whole preparation.

This app, 1200 TOEFL Words in 30 Days, is for test takers who are struggling to study basic level TOEFL words online. 120K+ users have registered it in recent 3 years for various reasons. Here we try to list 3 main merits that its users commonly appreciate.

At first, this app has a proven and basic level word list that is suitable for most of TOEFL test takers who are just to start preparing vocabulary. These words are fundamental for TOEFL test; no matter what levels you are in or what goals you are for, these words are definitely useful. So its contents are deserved to spend time to study or review.

The app is designed with scientific and flexible practice pattern. All words are categorized into 30 units. We assume each unit can be finished in one day; that’s why we call it as 1200 TOEFL words in 30 days. As a matter of fact, you can finish a unit with own schedule, 2, 3, or more calendar days. Both time for the whole app and time for any unit depend your own arrangement. And you can also decide the study orders among units; and even practice multiple units concurrently. So it’s a very flexible online practice tool.

Finally, the app has built-in an intelligent algorithm to implement modern English word training theory. It will help you skip know words in fast and convenient way and make word questions in single choice format only for new and failed words. You can practice online anytime and anywhere; the results, such as skipped, passed, or failed, will be saved to manage future activities of your course.

You may notice that the app will save your results to drive the rest course going. So please sign in at first to let it save data at your folder. If don’t sign in, the app's main page shows demo TOEFL practice sheets, you may try on it without saving anything. We suggest you create a free account, (if you already have account of this web site, you can use existing account,) and Sign In; then you will see all features of this fantastic tool.