By Amy Bush Cy

Download Free TOEFL Vocabulary PDF

Build TOEFL vocabulary is a tough job for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) people. If you are planning to prepare vocabulary, you probably are looking for materials, books, apps, and other tools. You may also want to download some TOEFL vocabulary list in PDF format. Why do some people prefer to PDF format? The normal reason is it is easy to read and print. A few people look for PDF file simply because their devices support only PDF format. No matter what reason drives you to PDF, you probably will disappoint or even frustrate while searching and downloading TOEFL vocabulary PDF files.

You certainly can see many results by searching Internet, and download a number of PDF files that seem good in both content and format. However, after you open these files, you usually feel they are far away from your real expectation. In fact, vocabulary building is very personalized job. Different people have different foundations and goals so that study contents are separate in nature. You can hardly get an existing TOEFL vocabulary PDF that is exactly matched with your circumstance. For example, if it is too easy, lots of known words waste your time; if it is too hard, you possibly miss some higher frequency words. This is why we encourage you create own TOEFL vocabulary PDF. It sounds complicated but definitely feasible.

We suggest a solution here to make customized TOEFL vocabulary PDF file, which only contains words you want to study or review. This file 100 percent meets with your requirement: word, definition, example, and even local language for explanation. It will maximize your effort to build TOEFL vocabulary.

The actual steps are very straight and easy. There are 7 TOEFL vocabularies in this web site. At first, you should select one that closes to your requirement as possible. Then copy content, word, definition, and whatever you need to an editor, e.g. MS Word. You may want to delete useless content or edit existing content somehow. After the content and format both are ready, convert to PDF file with a third party tool. The last step is as your guess, download! Finally your own TOEFL vocabulary PDF is ready to study.

You may concern if the copy and paste bring any copyright issue. The basic principle is that if your copying is for studying only and you don't share copied content in any format (including in PDF) with others, the copying is permitted from this website.

We will take TOEFL Word List 1600 as example to show how to make customized TOEFL vocabulary PDF file. TOEFL Word List 1600 is a large size and middle difficulty vocabulary with multiple language definitions. It has totally 3 groups. We take first group in Chinese definition to demonstrate procedure and result of making and downloading final PDF file.

TOEFL Word List 1600 is categorized as 3 groups, the links with Chinese definition shown as following:
Open the first group; copy its content, words and explanations, to MS Word. Then edit and save.

Now we need a tool to convert MS Word file to PDF file. We can search free resources from internet, and actually it’s easy to get a number of free tools to do this conversion: from MS Word to PDF. If you use text editor, there are some TXT-to-PDF free convertors available on internet too. We choose to convert by online resource, such as:
The rest thing is plain. Just do step by step as instructions: upload the Word file, then download PDF file after it is ready. By this way, a personalized TOEFL vocabulary PDF is done without a penny. Of course, your time and effort still cost a lot. Repeat same procedure, we can revise and modify content , produce new PDF easily and quickly.

We upload the demo PDF to this web site, it was by TOEFL Word List 1600 (Group 1) with Chinese definition. You can Download TOEFL PDF to preview.