By Amy Bush Cy

Personalized SAT Vocabulary PDF File

For some of us PDF is an amazing file format: easy to read and print at lots of devices. When building SAT vocabulary, some students used to list new words in paper media for convenience to bring with and note. This is why they are always trying to get a copy of SAT vocabulary PDF. However, you hardly find out an existing file that exactly meets with your scenario in either book store or Internet. The simple reason is that there is no two students who share the same vocabulary base. I know this word, you know that word. Known or new word is relied on individual vocabulary level. And the expectations for SAT test are usually different among test takers: some just want a passed score, whereas some are trying to do best to apply top universities. It's such a diversity requirement. So even if someone contributed a SAT words PDF file and is available to download, it probably isn't what you are looking for: it's useless because of too easy or too hard.

If you download a too easy list and work based on it, you just waste time to repeat lots of known words. If you download a too difficult list to study, it means you probably miss some words that have higher frequency in future test. To maximize the effort to build SAT vocabulary, a better way is to make your own PDF file by SAT word lists of this web site. Here are multiple word lists, choose one that matches with your requirement as possible; copy word list and its definitions what you like; delete known words or edit contents on demand; and make PDF file with the content. Some people are concerned for the copyright protection of copied contents. Don't worry about it, if your copying is for your studying and don't share the copied content in any format(including in PDF). In general, if you don't share what you copy from this web site with others, there is no copyright issue at all.

The first step is to choose a SAT word list as base of your PDF. There are multiple lists as candidates, that are quite different in size and difficult level. You may spend some hours to decide which is proper to you. Here we take Top 500 SAT Words as example. For most SAT test takers this is an easy start point to build vocabulary. Of course you also can choose larger or harder word list to try. If you are ESL students, you may prefer to word lists that have definitions of multiple languages. We now use Top 500 SAT Words to show how to make and download personalized SAT vocabulary PDF file.

Top 500 SAT Words is shown as 2 groups. We can get their links.
Open the first group, we can copy its words and explanations to an editor, for example, MS Words. We then edit the content. In this case, we delete the title and comment.

Now we need PDF maker to do last job: make own SAT vocabulary PDF. Lots of free resources on internet may help us to convert a text file or Word file to PDF file. For example, we choose this web site

Upload the file that we finish just by copy/paste/edit to this site, then download after it is available. By this way, our personalized SAT vocabulary PDF is done so easily, simply, and smoothly. If we don't satisfy with any content, repeat this procedure, we can make and download a new SAT PDF in minutes.

We upload the PDF We just made, it was by Top 500 SAT Words (Group 1) and is without any editing. You can Download SAT PDF to preview.