Dynamic SAT Test for Vocabulary

SAT General Test is for high school students of USA who plan to apply colleges and universities. Every year most half of 12 grade students register SAT exam, the total number is near 2 million. These students actually have various academic levels and goals: some are aiming to top 10 or top 100 universities; some are expecting an admission from home community college. Whatever your purchase is, you must have a proper SAT score to match with your application.

To shoot a good score, more or less students have to prepare SAT vocabulary before test day, because vocabulary level plays a key part in SAT test, either reading or writing. Practice and study SAT words in efficient way will save much of time in preparation. This SAT online practice tool is a HTML app, and it makes random SAT word question sheet to help test takers enhance vocabulary level.

The basic functionality of this app is to make SAT vocabulary questions in dynamic and random way, and provides SAT vocabulary test page to host questions and response online practice. The test questions are based on a middle level SAT word list that is maintained every half of year. This list is a high frequency SAT word collection, and is proven to be very helpful for test takers. Try these words, get familiarize with them, your SAT vocabulary level will be improved after every practice.

In addition to question sheet, you may also enjoy other fantastic merits, which are just as many other outstanding online practice tools. For example, you can save each test result, and then analyze or compare with previous data, evaluate your progress.

To enjoy all features, such as to save practice data, you have to login at first. Want to know more or try more? Create an account, sign in, and run this great free SAT vocabulary test app!

 Questions and Answers
How many quizzes and words are there in SAT test for vocabulary?
SAT test for vocabulary is built-in 1200+ basic SAT words.Each test sheet has 12 questions that are produced dynamically.So, each time you will see different test sheet.

What special features are in the web app?
As a free SAT online vocabulary tool, it is convenient and easy to use anytime and anyplace. Besides, it offers some features that SAT words builders are very interested.You can get score and duration of other users and compare with own data, or review own previous test data and failed words.You can also subscribe SAT test sheets in advance and receive their links by email.

Do I have to sign on before using the app?
This is a free tool. So you can use it without signing on.But if you want to save test result for future's view, or you want to subscribe test link, you need sign on at first. If you don't have examword.com account yet, please register one from Sign On. An examword.com account (English Test Vocabulary) is good for all web apps in this site, and most web apps in this site are free.

I am an ESL student, but I dislike explanations in my mother language, can I tune off it?
At Subscribe settings, you can check off Only English in Explanation.It will turn off mother language feature for all test sheets.

I set my mother language, but I cannot see it in test sheet sometimes, why?
In a few cases, like first landing test page, your settings possibly aren't loaded. So, you cannot see local explanation in test sheet. Please use Make Test Sheet to get new test sheet. Your local language would be there. Besides, you should ensure NOT check Only English at Subscribe settings to show local explanations.

Why do I fail to submit or check my test sometimes?
To ensure your data is useful for future reference, submit will be accepted only when score is more than 30%. It means you need answer at least 4 questions right to get a score, and save it.

Do I have to Save my test result?
No. But if you want to view the result in future, you should save it. The saved result includes mark, duration, and failed word list. Note that you have to sign on before test if you want to save result.

I submit my test answers, but cannot see it in Statistics and Previous Test, why?
Submitting only finishes current test sheet, you can see the test result at current web page. However, the result hasn't been saved to server yet. If you leave this page in any way, your result will lose. To view test result in future, like show in Statistics and Previous Test, you have to save it to server before leaving.

How do I subscribe SAT test sheet?
You can subscribe test sheet from Subscribe settings.The test link will be sent to your email as your request. Just click the link; you will get the new test sheet.When setting, you may select whether adding mother language definitions in quizzes if you are ESL student.

How do I cancel test link subscription?
It's easy. At Subscribe settings, choose the 'Stop send test link' option.

How do I use Statistics to evaluate my level and improve my pace?
The Statistics page shows data of 200 tests of SAT just before current day, which includes both mark and duration. It's hard to say what number is good or excellent because everyone has own scenario. However, you should at least be better than average level if you want to get a good mark since the built-in SAT words are in basic level. If you are trying to have a high score in SAT test, you would reach top 10% in both mark and test duration.

 Demo Test Sheet

a.  E.g. Simon and James will no longer be posting to The Hearing; however, all previous posts will remain accessible here.
Select answer:
easily approached or entered; obtainable; easy to talk to or get along with
capable of being derived by reasoning from known principles or facts
by effort to the point of exhaustion, especially physical effort
vigorous; full of health and strength; vigorous
producing offspring or fruit in great abundance; fertile
Don't select.
n.  E.g. The carpenter shut the workshop door, sliding the heavy metal bolt into place.
Select answer:
extremely poisonous or injurious snake; person regarded as malicious
door bar; fastening pin or screw; length of fabric
large or high waterfall; eye abnormality
society or government ruled by wealthy class
proving to be false or incorrect; response with contrary evidence
Don't select.
n.  E.g. The inevitable converse of peace is not war but destruction.
Select answer:
collector and student of money, in particular of coins
overly high self-esteem; feelings of excessive pride
opposite; something that has been reversed; conversation
powerful and effective language; persuasive speech
object made by human beings; inaccurate observation, effect, or result
Don't select.
n.  E.g. A researcher a year ago published startling research showing that the drug commonly known as ecstasy can cause Parkinson's-like brain damage.
Select answer:
efficient use of resources; reduction in cost; specific type of economic system
wrong apprehension of one's meaning or of a fact; misunderstanding
intense joy or delight; any overpowering emotion
direct descent from a particular ancestor; ancestry
opinion, doctrine, or principle held as being true by person or organization
Don't select.
v.  E.g. And all the information they did flaunt is easily obtainable.
Select answer:
satisfy appetite fully; satisfy to excess
display proudly or shamelessly; show oneself off
grow well; decorate with ornaments; be in a period of productivity
stand idly about; linger aimlessly; proceed slowly or with many stops
soak; make thoroughly wet
Don't select.
n.  E.g. The main impediment is overcoming the legacy of mismanagement and waste left by the previous Government.
Select answer:
condition or state, especially a bad state or condition
patience; restraint of passions; act of forbearing or waiting
any structure that makes progress difficult; stumbling-block
state of being certain; complete assurance; confidence
tool has two jaws to hold work piece firmly in place
Don't select.
v.  E.g. All that you have dared to insinuate is utterly false.
Select answer:
wander or stray; turn aside sharply; climb or move upward
provoke or arouse; excite to anger; wound pride of
come into rough contact with while moving; make one's way by pushing or elbowing
hint; suggest; introduce by subtle and artful means
incriminate; involve or imply as necessary accompaniment or result
Don't select.
a.  E.g. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the impact of the volcano ash cloud temporarily lessened, but stressed that passenger safety would remain paramount.
Select answer:
foremost in importance; supreme in rank
powerful; having power to influence or convince; having great control or authority
having no particular interest or concern; being neither good nor bad
forceful; intensely emotional; inclined to react violently
suspicious or distrustful; wary; cautious
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Not enough paper ballots at the precinct is an administrative failure.
Select answer:
wrong apprehension of one's meaning or of a fact; misunderstanding
inhabitant or resident; regular visitor
case of leather or similar material for pistol
district or division of city; place or enclosure by definite limits
similarity in form or character; agreement
Don't select.
n.  E.g. A Haitian woman covered in rubble is rescued in Port-au-Prince after a huge earthquake measuring 7.0 rocked the impoverished Caribbean nation.
Select answer:
ability to be molded, formed, or modeled; quality or state of being plastic
mental or emotional balance; state of balance of any causes, powers, or motives
celebrity; person who is an inspiration to others; person who has achieved eminence in specific field
broken fragments; irregular pieces of rock
group of men joined in political intrigue; group of military officers ruling a country
Don't select.
v.  E.g. The easy way for a group to thrive is to have an active web presence getting its message out.
Select answer:
aid; assist and deliver from suffering; relieve
copy; write over again in same words
interpret incorrectly; misjudge; mistake the meaning of
hide from view; wrap for burial; shut off from sight; shelter
make steady progress; prosper; flourish
Don't select.
n.  E.g. The wake of the swan gliding through the water glistened in the moonlight.
Select answer:
rapidity or speed of motion; swiftness
outward appearance or aspect; mode of dress; false appearance
trail of ship or other object through water; path of something that has gone before
thin soft sheet of animal or vegetable tissue
act of finding oneself position; position or alignment relative to points of directions; course introducing new situation
Don't select.