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 ACT Exam - How to Prepare Vocabulary
ACT is one of the premier college admissions examinations. Every year more than one million students take part this test. To apply universities or colleges of USA, students should have either ACT or SAT score to prove academic skill. ACT isn’t English test alone, however, three of its five sections focus on language level, they are English, reading, and writing. So if you are trying to enter top universities and are preparing ACT test, you must concentrate on improving English ability to match with ACT test style.

Language skill can be shown or tested in multiple aspects, you have to prepare per sample questions from official organization. But as we know, vocabulary is the foundation of language. Although ACT always argues that it don’t test hard words intentionally, no one believes to have a high score with poor vocabulary in ACT or any other similar English test. No matter if it’s willing or not, students usually spend a plenty of time to build vocabulary in ACT preparation.

This web site is an online resource for ACT vocabulary builders. It offers lots of ACT test materials, such as word lists, practices, tips, and experiences. Combined with modern information technology, it not only shows word lists or other contents statically, it also provides interactive online exercises to help test takers study and review ACT words easier and quicker.

Considering more than one million students take ACT test every year and they actually have different goal in ACT test: some are expecting to apply top universities; some are struggling to get admission of local colleges, they indeed don’t need to have the same vocabulary level, and to do the same vocabulary preparing. So, this web site collects vocabularies, online apps, tips, and experiences as many as possible to meet with students of separate levels. We believe most of ACT test vocabulary builders will find out useful contents to match own demand and enjoy their great features in test preparing.

There are 2 web tools in app section. They are supposed to speed up ACT test preparing.

ACT Vocabulary Test Online: A very handy and straight ACT vocabulary test tool with pure web technology, by which students can test ACT words online any time. The random single choice by multiple options exercise is one of the easiest ways to evaluate your ACT vocabulary preparation and progress.

1200 ACT Words in 30 Days: Study and review 1200 words in 30 days isn’t an easy job for most of ACT test takers. This app is for smart and hardworking students. It can manage and drive student to deal with built-in words in one month. If any students plan to use one or two months to enrich ACT vocabulary, this app is a fantastic tool to bring up your ACT vocabulary to a higher level.

Word lists are core to build ACT vocabulary. There are 3 word lists available in list section to meet with requirements of different test takers.

3500 ACT Vocabulary: This list is edited and maintained by tutors of It’s a full size and middle level ACT vocabulary. For most of grade 12 students, it is deserved to spend 3 to 6 months to work with. When planning to build vocabulary, don’t forget this list, which is proven by thousands of test takers. Besides, to help ESL students, this list includes definitions of 20 languages.

1000 ACT Writing Words: ACT has special section for writing test. For test takers who register to take writing test, they have to prepare accordingly. Vocabulary for writing is simpler than for reading in general; however, students must spell words correctly. Only when these words are spelt right in writing test, they can express idea and meaning as expected. So writing vocabulary is the base of writing test. Test takers have to build writing vocabulary exclusively if they decide to have writing test.

ESL ACT Vocabulary: This vocabulary is specially selected for ESL ACT test takers. In general, ACT vocabulary is for high school students, mainly for grade 12 and grade 11. However, non-English speakers, who are in separate language circumstances, may not know some words of lower grades, which often occur in ACT test papers. This ESL ACT list shows words that are commonly to be ignored by ESL students but actually should be known in ACT preparation.

In tips and experiences section, resources and information are maintained and updated to help students to prepare ACT test. These articles are usually related to ACT vocabulary building; meanwhile they may also involve with other ACT topics.

Personalized ACT Flashcards: Some students like to use flashcards to study vocabulary. However, it isn’t easy to get a set of flashcards that are fully matched with individual requirement. This article shows how to customize own ACT flashcards with free resources of this web site.

ACT Vocabulary Online Questions: Single choice ACT word questions based on all available lists in this website. The question sheets are produced with dynamic algorithm. Exercisers shouldn’t see same quiz repeatedly. This feature is attached to word list and play as an important role to evaluate current level and progress. It is an interactive tool to study and review ACT vocabulary online.

Make Own ACT Vocabulary PDF: Do you want to make own ACT vocabulary PDF file? Many students want to download ACT vocabulary PDF from internet, but fail to have a satisfied one. This article tells you how to produce personalized ACT vocabulary PDF by leveraging contents of this web site and other free online resources.

In general, visitors of ACT test materials almost are high school students of USA, who should know ACT examination very well. Simply speaking, the ACT, American College Testing, is a standardized test for college admissions. More information is in its official website. ACT Test