By Amy Bush Cy

Make IELTS Vocabulary PDF File

You may have experience to search IELTS vocabulary PDF file by Google, Bing, or any other search engines. Lots of results will be shown in front of you. Happy? Yes, but usually just a few minutes. When you click these results and download related files, you possibly disappoint again, again, and again. They are IELTS vocabulary PDF files, but not suitable to your case, or say, they are not the things you are looking for. As we know, prepare IELTS words is very personalized requirement because everyone has own existing vocabulary base and individual expectation in future test. Although we are all talking about build IELTS vocabulary, the actual contents and words to learn, to review, and even to spell are different from each other. After you open a IELTS words PDF, even if its contents are absolutely right for test takers, you probably don't satisfy with it because it isn't your file. For example, it is too easy, lots of words you already knew, you don't want to waste time on it. It is too hard and supposed for mark 7 or higher, you are preparing to pass with mark 5 or 6 and don't have enough time to do extra job. It is just explained by English, as an ESL student you used to learn new English word by home language definitions, you need bilingual definitions for each word. So this is why you hardly get an existing IELTS word PDF that exactly match with your requirement, although you may download lots of IELTS vocabulary PDF files.

Now that this is a personalized requirement, we suggest a solution to make customized IELTS vocabulary PDF. This file only contains words you want to study or review, don't waste time on either known words or extra words. It will maximize the effort to build your IELTS vocabulary. The idea sounds good and is easy to implement based IELTS word lists of this web site.

We have 6 IELTS word lists available, choose one that close to your requirement as possible; copy words and definitions whatever you need; delete useless content or edit content on demand; and produce PDF file with your own content. Does this copy bring any copyright issue? Don't worry about it, if your copying is for personal studying and don't share the content in any format(including in PDF) with others. In fact, what you get is a PDF file to help IELTS vocabulary building just for your own case, it is almost useless for others.

Finally, let's show how to make your personalized IELTS vocabulary PDF file. As example, we select 500 IELTS Vocabulary as the foundation of new PDF file. There are 6 word lists available to select, that are quite different among both sizes and levels. You need some hours or days to decide which is proper to work. Here we take 500 IELTS Vocabulary. For most IELTS academic test takers these 500 words are must-have vocabulary, so it is a popular pilot list for words builders. Besides, this word list includes definitions in 20 languages. We select to add Japanese definitions in this example.

500 IELTS Vocabulary is categorized as 5 groups, the pages with Japanese definition shown as links:
Open the first group, copy its content, words and explanations, to an editor, we use MS Words. Then edit and save. For example, we delete the title and comment.

Now we have to use a PDF maker to make the final file: IELTS vocabulary PDF. We can search free PDF maker from Internet. Actually there are lots of resources to convert a text file or Word file to PDF file. In this example, we make final PDF online through this web site

This procedure is quite straight. Do step by step as instructions: upload the Word file that we get by copy/paste/edit to this site, then download PDF file after it is produced. By this way, a personalized IELTS vocabulary PDF is done with very low cost. Dislike this file? Or want to update this file? Just repeat same procedure, another IELTS vocabulary PDF will be made and downloaded in a few minutes.

Upload the PDF we just made, it was by 500 IELTS Vocabulary (Group 1) with Japanese definition. You can Download IELTS PDF to preview.